No other mattress is made like a Kingsdown.

When you sleep on a Kingsdown, you'll feel the difference a smart mattress makes on your quality of sleep, and more importantly, on your quality of life. All Kingsdown mattresses are carefully constructed by highly-skilled craftsmen who share ownership in the company. So when they embroider the Kingsdown name on each sleep set, it's their name, and it carries more than 100 years of quality and ingenuity.

NRV Furniture has the largest selection of Kingsdown mattresses in the New River Valley! Come in today to see our wide variety of comfort levels and sizes!

A tradition is a custom or belief passed down from generation to generation. Kingsdown Tradition is the embodiment of our belief in quality, from the materials we select to the care with which they are assembled into this exceptional two-sided mattress. This collection features fine fabrics infused with silk or cashmere, specialty fibers like natural cotton, silk and wool, and pressure-relieving foams with cooling properties that promote healthier sleep.

Traditional Two-Sided Construction

Traditional mattresses feature two-sided construction for long lasting comfort and support. This construction technique extends the life of each sleep set, so you can enjoy this time-honored sleep experience even longer.

Luxurious Natural Fibers

Tradition Collection sleep sets feature layers of natural cotton plus cushioning wool and silk fiber for enhanced pressure relief and comfort.

Individually-Wrapped Innerspring

Our individually-wrapped innerspring coils are engineered to conform to your body, providing individualized comfort and lasting support while reducing motion transfer.

Gel-Infused Luxury Foams

Resilient latex foam delivers exceptional pressure-relief while memory foam conforms to every curve of your body. The infusion of gel adds cooling properties to the foams, creating an ideal sleep environment.

Flexatron Cushioning Layer

Flexatron is a proprietary blend of cushioning material that absorbs and relieves pressure. Woven with natural cotton and wool fibers for insulating comfort, hypoallergenic Flexatron promotes a healthy sleep environment.

Fully Body Surround Edge Support

High-Density foam on all sides of this exceptional edge support system provide a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface with superior support while airflow channels allow air to circulate freely.